Biographical information
Status Alive
Physical information
Gender Male
Occupation Front Gate Guard at Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women

Cammie doesn't know this guard's name, but she calls him Bubblegum Guard due to the fact that the first time she met him he was chewing bubblegum. Liz revealed his name is Walter.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He is a stocky man with a buzz cut. He always seems to have a mouthful of gum.


He is very polite and guards the front gate of Gallagher Academy  and loves to drive his ruby red golf cart.

Spy StatusEdit

He was a former spy and he was the one who during the first semester Cove Ops final attacked her in the industrial complex and took her to Mr. Solomon. When Josh drove through the wall, he threw her behind him to protect her from the incoming unknown threat (aka Josh on a forklift).