In school typing a book review to Only the Good Spy Young!! Here it is:

I feel like a spy, well I kind of do when I read one of Ally Carter s Gallagher Girls series. Only the Good Spy Young is the fourth installment to the Gallagher Girls series. The first, I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You, was a Rosie book for the 08-09 school year. The book fits very well into the romance/adventure genre.

For those of you who never read the book, the story is set at the prestigous school Gallagher Academy. The school may look to be a school for princesses even though it’s really a school for spies or 'intelligent women.' The book's focus is on the characters Cammie Morgan, Bex Baxter, and Liz Stutton. In the first book they get an accompliance, Macy McHenry, who later becomes their friend.

Cameron ‘Cammie’ Morgan was nearly kidnapped, in the previous book, Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover. I would suggest reading first, the whole sereies is really good. This time it opens up in London, England with her friend Bex. When they catch sight of the man they call there teacher, Mr. Joe Solomon, nearly getting caught by the CIA when he gives Cammie a message. It was a real shock to figure out that he was a double agent and was part of the reason why Cammie's dad died.

By the time they get back to school, the second half of her Junior year. They really don't know who to trust. According to the summary not even her heart can be trusted. A little off but thats what made it good. From then we figure out that Zach, first introduced in Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, was being treated like a son by Mr. Solomon. We also figured out that Zach's mom was one of those who tried to kidnap her in the first place. That was a shock twist that I guess nobody was expecting, I certainly didn't.

All in all these books are really good. It made me want to write my own version of what would happen if I went to a school for spies. I mean really what can be cooler. Maybe being magic and living in a mansion maybe cooler. Still a fantasy is a fantasy right?

Not very good but still leave a message anyway!!

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