You want more don't you? More people? More characters? More stories of the school that changed hundreds of girls' lives? Well, you've got it! Only, this is the next generation.

Cammie Morgan has grown up, and she has married and had a child: Makayla Goode. However, when Makayla is little, Zach and Cameron Goode dissapear leaving Makayla in the care of one of Cammie's best friends: Macey McHenry- the headmistress of the Gallagher Academy. Makayla is now going to the Galllagher Academy with her three roommates (Jordan Baxter, Sophie Felton, and Maddie Demmerson). They are all in their Junior year and have different stories of where they come from and what their futures will hold.

Everything seems to start out normal- roaming the halls before school starts, going down to Roseville with Jordan, Maddie, and Sophie... but being spies-in-training, nothing can ever be normal. Maddie starts to take a mysterious edge to her, strange boys come to visit in the night, and an exchange with Blackthorne is going to happen. Only this time, 24 girls are going to Blackthorne.

They aren't just going for the fun of it, there is an actual mission where the girls will have to use every technique they know to get the information they need... but to fool other spies in training will be hard... but not impossible.

The new story is out. The new characters are here. The new stakes are high. Join the girls and disappear into the spy world once again... only with more surprises... (Sorry but this story not written by Ally Carter, just some spies-in-training that are dying to get this story out) or go to (that one is updated more and less confusing to follow!) :D

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