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Major Whoa

Whoever is reading this, you're in for some luck. So guess what? I heard the 5th GG book is coming out next year! Although that isn't too good for us because we can't exactly wait that long, which, hello, isn't even cool. But I'm just telling you this so... you should know! :-) It's just information. OBTW - Does anybody know if Josh Abrams ever appear in another book? I'm not saying that he's my favorite character or anything, but jealousy is just a fun thing to add to a book, isn't it? Zach is pretty cute, and he knows a lot about her. But my friend says that in the 4th book, he doesn't put his arm around Cammie IN BED! Now, who came up with that?

Gallagher Girl 02:29, May 14, 2011 (UTC)Forever Gallagher Girl fan

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