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    Gallagher Cast

    October 5, 2012 by CrazyCookieLover


    So, I'm new on this thing, just joined today! Whoop! I am a seriously big fan of Gallagher girls, the last book was EPIC! There has to be a next book and in that book I hope Zach and Cammie make there title more offical!. I am seriously seriosuly hoping that one day they will make a movie. I know I've heard people say that Ally Carter said no because she rather have no movie then a rubbish one but if they just had the perfect cast for the film, then it wouldn't be rubbish. There are celebrities out there who I will name that I think should play the part. Feel free to search them up.

    Rachel Morgan - Lauren Graham

    Abigail Morgan - Catrina Scorsone (seriously don't think there is anybody better)

    Rebecca Baxter - Cymphonique Miller

    Elizabeth S…

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