Tina Walters
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Mother and Father

Tina Walters was a student at Gallagher Academy, now an alumni. She spent the summer before her sophomore year in Cairo, Egypt and Johannesburg, South Africa (which she claimed wasn't as fun as Cairo). Every year, Tina holds a Dirty Dancing extravaganza, and everyone stays up really late to watch it. She appeared in all the books.

Personality Edit

Tina is a person who loves gossip. There are many examples of her gossipy character in the series. She asked Cammie if she could take a peek or borrow Macey's permanent record just so she would know what was on it. She likes to know things and start rumors:she also has lots of "sources." Throughout the series, she would ask Cammie questions about her relationships and if what she heard was true.

Spy StatusEdit

Tina was a student at Gallagher Academy. She was enrolled in Mr.Solomon's CoveOps class. She was in the same class as Cammie. Cammie had said in Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy that Tina had once hacked into National Security Agency to look for "the alleged boys' school" (which proved to be be Blackthorne). In the end of United We Spy she graduated Gallagher Academy.


Tina's mother writes a gossip column in a major metropoliton newspaper (that shall forever remain nameless), or at least, that's her cover story. Her father however is a spy.


"Into the Grand Hall ,munchkins.No. We're not going to open up the waffle bar."