Steve Sanders
Biographical information
Died UWS
Status Deceased
Physical information
Gender Male
Skin color Reddish
Family and friends




Occupation Professor (Undercover)

Agent of Circle of Cavan

Dr. Steven Sanders is a teacher at the Blackthorne Institute For Boys, and appears in CMH. He asks everyone to call him Dr. Steve and routinely says "Excellent", even when the moment is not excellent. He is also one of the only two people to ask Cammie for a dance during the cumulative test/ball, before the test was shut down due to a Code Black.

Physical Description-- "He had a round, reddish face and a bright, wide smile, and as he walked down the center aisle, he actually waved and shook hands with the girls he passed, as if he were a game-show contestant and my mother had just asked him to 'Come on down.'" He is also described as a little man, and not used to physical pain as described in book 5.

Cammie, Zach, the other Gallagher Girls, and the other Blackthorne Boys all thought Dr. Steve was the one who had the disc containing Gallagher Girl alumni names towards the end of CMH (although he may very well have wanted to), and planned to steal the disc back. However, it turned out that the entire operation was the CoveOps final, orchestrated by Joe Solomon and Cammie's mother, and Dr. Steve was merely acting. He left with the Blackthorne Boys at the end of CMH and was not mentioned in DJGC or OGSY.

In OSOT it was revealed he is part of the Circle, possibly part of the splinter group, and was also the one who tortured Cammie and made her forget about her summer. He attempts to make her commit suicide before leaving Gallagher Academy.

In UWS, Cammie meets Amy at the gazebo. When they are about to leave, Dr. Steve came and pulled a gun out at them. He tried to shoot at them however Cammie pushes him in front of Max Edwards car, killing him.