Rebecca Baxter
Biographical information
Status Alive
Also known as


Physical information
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color Cappuccino-colored
Family and friends

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bex is described as very beautiful with long black hair and dark, cappucino colored skin. She is also described as very muscular and is the strongest and best fighter out of the four. Her accent is always heavier when she gets back from any vacations away from school.


Bex has a very serious personality and she always wants to get things done and get the job or mission over with. It is said that all girls who grow up in London want to grow up being spoiled by their parents or become a princess, but not Bex. Bex grew up wanting to kick James Bond's butt and assume his double 00 ranking, which is getting a higher clearance level that him. This goal rubs off on her personality quite a bit. But, she is not always seriious and intense, she is also kind and a good friend who always has good words to say when her friends are down. She also always seems to know if their is something wrong with any of her friends and can tell if something is bothering them. Her and Cammie both share this trait


Bex has two super-spy parents who both work for M16. Bex's mom's name is Grace, which is Bex's middle name. Her father's name is Abraham, but is called Abe for short. Bex and her family are originally from London and all three of them have British accents.


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