Professor Smith
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Rachel Morgan

Professor Smith is the Countries of the World (COW) teacher at Gallagher Academy. He loves funnel cakes and is the subject of the sophomore's first mission.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He has a large nose, prominent ears, and a small mole on his temple. He changes his face every summer through extensive plastic surgery and gets new finger prints to go with his new face. During Cammie's junior year, some students think that Professor Smith is attractive.


He is regarded as paranoid, though he has good reason.

Spy StatusEdit

Professor Smith is a retired spy like most of the teachers at the Gallagher Academy. He was a spy for more than 30 years and rumoured to be listed in the CIA database under 50 aliases. He is rumored to be wanted in the Middle East by gun smugglers, in Eastern Europe by ex-KGB men and in Brazil by a very upset ex-wife.