During Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover, Macey has to go to a political convention in Philadelphia. The girls don’t feel that Macey is safe due to what happened in Cleveland and Mr. Solomon’s warning that the bad guys only need to get lucky once. With that warning in mind, and the recent revelation of the Gallagher Academy closet, the girls get into Liz’s mini van project and drive to Philadelphia to keep an eye on Macey. They change in the back of the van into someone that they’re not and show up at the party where Bex spots Mr. Solomon and Cammie spots Zach. Cammie follows Zach but he disappears onto the “Back on Track Express.” Cammie does the only thing that she can think of and follows him onto the train as it starts to move. She pretends to be part of the campaign and knocks on the door of the room that Macey supposedly in. The door opens and Zach pulls her inside and locks the door behind them. Cammie asks him why he was in Boston, but doesn’t get an answer. Aunt Abby tells Macey to get into the room and Zach and Cammie disappear into the top bunk in the room. Cammie hears Macey kissing Preston, but keeps on asking Zach questions that he won’t answer. All of the sudden, the bunk drops and Macey is standing there staring at them with a grin on her face.