Patricia Buckingham
Biographical information
Status Alive


Physical information
Gender Female
Eye color Blue

Professor Patricia Buckingham is a semiretired teacher at the Gallagher Academy. She used to be the CoveOps teacher, but now only does the Newbie orientation and acclimation. She has a cat named Onyx that lives at the Gallagher Academy with her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is described as a genteel British woman who is soft and elderly. She has blue eyes and wears glasses.


She is kind and gentle but enforces the rules and has a get-moving attitude. In CMH (book 2), Cammie describes her teaching style as boring.

Spy StatusEdit

Professor Buckingham is a former spy, who worked for MI6. She once single-handedly took out a Nazi machine gun on D-day.

Trivia Edit

  • She spent one summer organizing security for Prince William.