Matthew Morgan
Biographical information
Born November 19th
Status Deceased
Marital status Married to Rachel Morgan
Physical information
Gender Male
Family and friends
Occupation CIA operative

Matthew Andrew Morgan was the father of Cameron Morgan, the husband of Rachel Morgan, and Joe Solomon's best friend. When Cammie was in the 6th grade, Matthew left for a mission to investigate the Circle of Cavan and never returned. Before this, however, he and Cammie visited the circus, where he was given a dead-drop note with information about the Cavan. After years with no knowledge of his whearabouts, Cammie reveals in Out of Sight, Out of Time where his body lies. His birthday was November 19th.

Joe Solomon was a loyal friend to Matthew, and the one that fueled Matthew's investigation for the Circle of Cavan. The beginnings of their investigation were documented in Matthew's journal, which was later found in Sublevel Two by Cammie and her friends. Joe Solomon was a tough teacher, especially with Cammie. After the loss of his best friend, a Morgan, he did not want to lose another, and pushed her to be an adept spy. As soon as he found out he would be teaching Cammie, he took the job offer to teach CoveOps at the Academy.

Abigail Cameron, Matthew's friend and sister-in-law, mentions to Cammie several times that she resembles her father, but refuses to tell Cammie what happened to Matthew Morgan when pressed. She was asked by Matthew to help him in Rome a few weeks before his disappearance, but thought nothing of it. It seems to be one of her greatest regrets. His best friend Joe, Cammie's CoveOps teacher, could be Cammie's godfather.