Madame Dabney
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Madame Dabney is the Culture and Assimilation teacher at Gallagher Academy. She also teaches Driver's Education to the sophmores.

Physical DescriptionEdit

When teaching, Madame Dabney "floats" around the room carrying a monogramed handkercheif. She also wears glasses.

Spy StatusEdit

Madame Dabney is a former spy. She spent most of her career in deep cover working underground Nazi cells after World War II in France. She also invented a way of sending coded messages in cheese. In CMH she was the one who called Zach Goode " A special guest" and forced Cammie and Zach to dance together.

Trivia Edit

It was a rumor that Dr. Steve had broken her heart in a bitter love triangle with a Pakistani belly dancer in the Champagne region of France.