Joshua Adamson Abrams
Biographical information
Age 16
Status Alive
Also known as
  • Josh
  • Tell-Suzie-she's-a-lucky-cat-boy
  • The Subject
Physical information
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Family and friends
Occupation Student

Roseville High School

Joshua Abrams is a boy in the local town of Roseville, who sees Cammie when she is picking up a soda can needed for her mission
Josh Abrams Profile

Josh has wavy brown hair, "eyes that would put even Mr. Solomon's to shame" and large hands. Liz also mentions that he is a little skinny. He is about 5'10". He is described as a "Cross between a young George Clooney and Orlando Bloom" as stated by Cammie.

As revealed in a deleted scene, by the end of United We Spy, Josh is a student at the University of Virginia.



He is very trusting of Cammie and is more willing to believe her than his best friend Dillon. Cammie thinks he is sweet and she loves him for that. Josh is exasperated with the small town attitude of his parents and the pressure he has to become the pharmacist after his father. His GPA is 3.75 and he enjoys school to an extent. His favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate cookie.


His father owns the town pharmacy (Abrams and Son) and his mother is famous in Roseville for her pies and is very caring. He also has a little sister, Joy, that received straight A's on her last report card.


Cameron MorganEdit

He thinks Cammie is homeschooled and has a cat called Suzie, that likes to play with bottles, until his friend Dillion sees her walking home, and to protect her cover she has to break up with him. He sees her kidnapped for her CoveOps final and attempts to help. Cammie’s mom tells him about the academy, but gives him a special tea to make him forget. When he sees her again in CMH with Zachary, he doesn't say anything, showing his true feelings, even though he is dating DeeDee. When he sees Cammie and Zach almost kissing, even Cammie can tell that he is hurt.


DeeDee and Josh have known each other ever since they were little. They are friends and DeeDee helps Josh pick out Cammie's birthday present. It appears that DeeDee has a crush on Josh, but he is unaware of it until the night when Cammie breaks up with him, and gives the earrings back and tells him to give them to DeeDee, but Josh lets Cammie keep them. In the next book, Cammie sees Josh and DeeDee together, and realizes it's over between her and Josh.