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Zach Goode, and Jonas

Grant is a student at Blackthorne Institute for Boys. He participates in the trip to Gallagher Academy, along with Jonas and Zach. Contrary to popular belief, Grant's last name was never mentioned in any of the books - although many fanfictions have given him the last name "Newman".

Physical DescriptionEdit

Grant is described as bearing a striking resemblence to your average Greek god and could pose as a good body double for Brad Pitt. He has muscular forearms, and many girls at Gallagher Academy are attracted to him by his good looks.


Grant acts like the type of person that doesn't mind lending a hand. When Kim Lee has some trouble with a piece of spy equipment during a CoveOps exercise, he willingly steps in and helps her before she can make a fool out of herself. 


Grant has no official girlfriend...yet. In CMH, many of the girls have crushes on him, including Kim Lee and Tina Walters. It is said that he referred to Bex as "The British Bombshell" and on his first day at Gallagher Academy, he picked Bex as his guide. Although he doesn't have a girlfriend, he seems to have an attraction to Bex. In UWS, he does insist on carrying Bex when she gets a bullet wound. Bex shows a small attraction to him. In CMH, Tina Walters actually asks him if he has a girlfriend, but it doesn't say what his response was. When they find the boys at a Gallagher building, Tina actually tries to sit on him, but Cammie calls her off. It does seem that there is a relationship brewing between Bex and Grant.

Spy StatusEdit

Grant is on the track to field work and isn't fit for the research and development course. But if things turn out well, he will most likely become a skilled agent for a spy agency. 

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