Dr. Fibbs
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Dr. Fibbs is a teacher at Gallagher Academy. He teaches Research and Development. He is also sometimes referred to as the mad scientist.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dr. Fibbs is described as tall with a lanky frame.


Despite being a scientist, he is quite accident prone. He got purple smoke comming out of the lab during the code red when Macey first came. At one point during Cammie's school years, he activated ("but didn't detonate!") a nuclear warhead in the campus.  IN CMH, he had a beginning prototype for X-ray goggles and ended up wearing an eyepatch.  In DJGC, Dr. Fibs had the assistance of Abigail Cameron to make a coma-inducing cream she learned to make in the Amazons.  In OSOT, he developed a technology to keep Joe Solomon's muscles from atrophying when Mr. Solomon was in a coma.Most of these items though do work with the exception of a frequent few.