Dillon Jones
Biographical information
Status Alive
Also known as
  • D'Man
Physical information
Gender Male
Family and friends

Physical Description Edit

Dillon is short, and Cammie infers that he thinks he's much cooler than he is.

Personality Edit

Dillon is full of talk, but no action. He is a civilian, and in LYKY, he was the one who saw Cammie walking home with her friends from Gallagher, and e-mailed Josh about it (the girls heard all about when they hacked Josh's e-mail). It was also suggested in LYKY that he climbs up the wall around Gallagher to moon the girls but it didn't happen. Dillon expresses much anger towards the Gallagher Academy and tries to sabotage it, which ends up with Cammie breaking up with Josh, Josh finding out, all the security changes, and etc. Dillon is the main cause of a domino effect involving the very close reveal of the Gallagher Academy's big "secret". Cammie really wants Dillion to pick a fight so she can hurt him once and for all.


Dillon has a younger brother, Keith Jones. He also has a mother and father (the book does not say if he does or not, but it can be assumed).

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