Biographical information
Status Alive
Physical information
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Occupation Student

DeeDee is Josh's girlfriend. She lives in Roseville, Virginia.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She has short, blonde hair, and all-American-girl smile, and thin arms. She loves to wear bright colors like pink and act adorable, as Cammie describes her pink mittens in CMH. She was also described as pretty by Cammie when she first met her.


Her favorite color is pink and she has a curvy handwriting with hearts that dot her i's. She is friendly, kind, and un-hateable (which Cammie despises the most). She is also always genuine in her invitations. In LYKY, she seems jealous of Cammie's relationship with Josh and Cammie notices that, after her breaking up with him, she told him to give the earrings to DeeDee, telling him that she likes him more than a friend. She could be described as a girly-girl.


Joshua AbramsEdit

At first, DeeDee and Josh are just friends and have known each other for a majority of their lives. In LYKY, Cammie suspects that DeeDee wishes that there was something more between them. After Cammie and Josh break up, DeeDee dates Josh, and we see them together in CMH. When Cammie meets them together in CMH, she doesn't fully understand what DeeDee might have been implying when she said that she was glad that Zach and Cammie were happy. Cammie thinks that she may not be fully happy with her relationship with Josh after all.