The Circle of Cavan is an ancient group founded by Ioseph Cavan, who attempted to kill Lincoln but was thwarted when Gillian Gallagher stole his sword and killed him: the sword that is on display in the Hall of History at the Gallagher Academy. Cammie realized who they were when she saw that one of the members wore a ring that had a symbol that also appeared on Gilly's sword. They intend to try and kidnap Cammie for reasons unknown. The Circle of Cavan is introduced in DJGC when they give Macey misleading instructions and lock her on the rooftop with Cammie and Preston, the potential president's son, so they could kidnap Cammie. In most of DJGC, it is believed Macey/Preston were the object of the kidnapper's interest. Nobody really knows why they are trying to kidnap Cammie.

Known members of the Circle include Zach's mom, Catherine Goode, a woman with dark red hair and dark brown eyes like Zach's, and Dr. Steve. Most, if not all, of the Circle of Cavan members are double agents, and agents are often recruited young while at spy schools, including the Blackthorne Institute, like they did Joseph Solomon when he was 16. Although, considering Zach's mom was a Gallagher girl, it is possible they recruit some from there as well. The only people to have ever gotten close to stopping the Circle are Joseph Solomon and Matthew Morgan (Cammie's dad). The Circle is believed to have killed Matthew Morgan.

In book five it is revealed that the Circle is after Cammie because they want her to remember the night when she went to the circus with her father. She saw a list of founding members of the Circle of Cavan. This was the same information that the Circle tried to get out of Matthew Morgan all those years ago, eventually leading to his death, evidenced by Cammie being shown his grave after she remembered where the Circle had held her captive the summer before.

Members of the Circle of Cavan include:

Ioseph Cavan (founder)

Original members of the Circle:

Elias Crane

Charles Dubois

Thomas Avery McKnight

Philip Delauhunt

William Smith

Gideon Maxwell

Samuel P. Winters

Descendants (who are current members of the Circle):

Elias Crane the Sixth (dead, supposedly from a car accident)

Charlene Dubois (disappeared, along with her three children)

Sir Walter Knight (murdered by Catherine Goode)

Samuel Winters (Preston Winter's father)

Current members of the Circle:

Catherine Goode

Dr. Steve Sanders

Maxwell Edwards (also known as Agent Edwards; killed by Cammie)

Former members of the Circle:

Joseph Solomon