Physical Appearance.==

Grant is referred to having resemblance to your average greek God(with strong arms), who on the first day decides to sit next to Rebbecca (Bex) Baxter. He also is described as 'Brad Pitt's body double'.


Grant has a soft but bold personality, but even he is no match for Bex when in culture class she takes the lead in dancing. He supposedly was in Washington D.C when the girls were trying to lose tails:

A pair of boys who were sitting on a park bench thirty feet away, staring at her.

Zach (Zachary Goode) later being discovered as one of the boys from the park bench, could mean Grant could have been there too.

Spy StatusEdit

Grant is a sophomore (in CHHS) attending Blackthorne insitute and also took part in the Gallagher academy - Blackthorne Exchange.

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