Macey’s dad accepted the vice presidential nomination here, but much bigger (and possibly more exciting) events took place here. It was here that Macey, Cammie, and Preston were attacked on the roof of a 60-story building by the Circle of Cavan (that wasn’t figured out until later though). Cammie got Preston off the roof by placing him on a window-washing thing. Cammie and Macey then proceeded to fend off their attackers, but once Macey’s arm was broken, Cammie realized that fighting wouldn’t be an option much longer. Macey pointed to an air vent that would get them back inside the hotel. They were almost to safety when the female attacker grabbed Cammie’s shoulder. Cammie jammed her Winters-McHenry button into her hand, but not before she noticed a symbol that she knows she’s seen before. The girls then dropped down a laundry chute after they made it to the elevator but found the wires cut. When the Circle When one of the attackers said, “Get her,” the girls thought that they were talking about Macey, but as was later revealed, they were after Cammie.

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