• Starfiresparkle123

    hello gallagher girls fans looking for a new series to read i suggest dead is series by marlene perez it is supernatual , romance , suspense and a bunch of other things if ou can please help me with dead is the new black wiki i need contributors thanks so much!!!

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  • Valerie Rose

    Hi guys! I've Valerie and I absolutely love the Gallagher Girls series! Today my friends and I were discussing on whether we think there should be a movie. Because there are Pros and Cons to this idea. Like how it will be amazing to see it come to life, but the directors could change a lot of what happens. The one that puts me off for a movie being made is that when we read a book, we all have different visuals of the characters in out head. Like for some reason, in my head, Bex looks like a young Victoria Justice with and English accent. And when I picture Macy I see that bubble gum girl from the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie, except she where's pretties clothes.And for Cammies mother I picture my blond, russian, supermodel li…

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  • CrazyCookieLover

    Gallagher Cast

    October 5, 2012 by CrazyCookieLover


    So, I'm new on this thing, just joined today! Whoop! I am a seriously big fan of Gallagher girls, the last book was EPIC! There has to be a next book and in that book I hope Zach and Cammie make there title more offical!. I am seriously seriosuly hoping that one day they will make a movie. I know I've heard people say that Ally Carter said no because she rather have no movie then a rubbish one but if they just had the perfect cast for the film, then it wouldn't be rubbish. There are celebrities out there who I will name that I think should play the part. Feel free to search them up.

    Rachel Morgan - Lauren Graham

    Abigail Morgan - Catrina Scorsone (seriously don't think there is anybody better)

    Rebecca Baxter - Cymphonique Miller

    Elizabeth S…

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  • Calypso7


    June 20, 2012 by Calypso7

    Ok so last year, my older sister`s friend lent her a bunch of books, an LYKY just happened to be among them! I borrowed it (and lost it-I found it to late...) and I really liked it and was immediately in love. Then I kind of lost intrest. But, I found the book, and got right back in! I now have LYKY and DJGC and have read 1-4. :)

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  • Xpoptartsx


    April 28, 2012 by Xpoptartsx

    I'd love to chat with Gallagher Girl fans, but there is no chat. Can an admin enable chat?

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  • PersephonetheQueen

    My favorite is Cammie, and that's because I can really relate to her. She's invisible and cares for her friends, but is often unsure about who to trust or not. Also, she's a little sneaky. ;)





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  • LizzYtwisters98


    October 27, 2011 by LizzYtwisters98

    OK soo i am i HUGE fan of this series....sooooooo ummmm does anyone know when Out of Sight, Out of Mind(GG5) comes out??? i think in like may 2011 or something....but im not sure someone please tell me!!!! :)

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  • Pigeonfollower

    You want more don't you? More people? More characters? More stories of the school that changed hundreds of girls' lives? Well, you've got it! Only, this is the next generation.

    Cammie Morgan has grown up, and she has married and had a child: Makayla Goode. However, when Makayla is little, Zach and Cameron Goode dissapear leaving Makayla in the care of one of Cammie's best friends: Macey McHenry- the headmistress of the Gallagher Academy. Makayla is now going to the Galllagher Academy with her three roommates (Jordan Baxter, Sophie Felton, and Maddie Demmerson). They are all in their Junior year and have different stories of where they come from and what their futures will hold.

    Everything seems to start out normal- roaming the halls before s…

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  • Musicmaniac

    Wondering what I think would happen after GG4? Go to and search for Before I Spy, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

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  • Pigeonfollower

    Come and check out the sequal to the Gallagher Series! (Note this is not published) Find out what happened to Cammie, Zach, Bex, Liz and Macey as well as the Next Generation to enter the Gallagher Academy. Super fun, adventurous, suspensful and full of surprises. Check out the link below to read the editions of Gallagher Girls: The Next Generation

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  • Gallagher Girl

    Major Whoa

    May 14, 2011 by Gallagher Girl

    Whoever is reading this, you're in for some luck. So guess what? I heard the 5th GG book is coming out next year! Although that isn't too good for us because we can't exactly wait that long, which, hello, isn't even cool. But I'm just telling you this so... you should know! :-) It's just information. OBTW - Does anybody know if Josh Abrams ever appear in another book? I'm not saying that he's my favorite character or anything, but jealousy is just a fun thing to add to a book, isn't it? Zach is pretty cute, and he knows a lot about her. But my friend says that in the 4th book, he doesn't put his arm around Cammie IN BED! Now, who came up with that?

    Gallagher Girl 02:29, May 14, 2011 (UTC)Forever Gallagher Girl fan

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  • Cha22cha


    November 26, 2010 by Cha22cha

    HEY HEY IM BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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  • Cha2cha

    only the good spy young

    November 26, 2010 by Cha2cha

    hey guys what up! im ubsessed with the Gallagher girls series! u should be too! i read the plot of only the good spy young and its SUPRISING! totally different from the other books! i hope there is a 5th book!! :):):):):)

    16:18, November 26, 2010 (UTC)16:18, November 26, 2010 (UTC)charlotte geene :)

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  • Cha2cha


    November 26, 2010 by Cha2cha

    hey peeps! im so bored! omg! sry peeps i like exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee hee hee hee hee heee ehehehhehehehe goooooooooooooooodnessssssssssssss im sooooo bored! im excited tho and i hve a cold so ya thats today! :) 16:11, November 26, 2010 (UTC)Cha2chaCHARLOTTE!

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  • Cha2cha

    OH! happy thanksgiving!

    November 25, 2010 by Cha2cha


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  • Cha2cha


    November 25, 2010 by Cha2cha
    oh im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored kitties r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :():):):()
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  • HungerGamesGirl
    I think Nicola Peltz would be a good Cammie, what do you think? Read more >
  • 1mad9026

    I will most likely be posting about Zach. He is my fave character (fave GUY character) with no doubt about it. Today I will talk about who should play Zach in the movie if they will make one that has Zach in it. I think it should be Logan Lerman. From the description in the books, Logan Lerman fits the description. Now Zac Efron could also play Zach, but I hate Zac Efron. He is the only guy with the name Zach/Zac/Zack that I know of that I hate. I think that's all I have to say.

    See Ya'

    1mad9026 21:30, October 18, 2010 (UTC)Madi

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  • Spygirl17

    What i'm doing in school~~

    September 27, 2010 by Spygirl17

    In school typing a book review to Only the Good Spy Young!! Here it is:

    I feel like a spy, well I kind of do when I read one of Ally Carter s Gallagher Girls series. Only the Good Spy Young is the fourth installment to the Gallagher Girls series. The first, I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You, was a Rosie book for the 08-09 school year. The book fits very well into the romance/adventure genre.

    For those of you who never read the book, the story is set at the prestigous school Gallagher Academy. The school may look to be a school for princesses even though it’s really a school for spies or 'intelligent women.' The book's focus is on the characters Cammie Morgan, Bex Baxter, and Liz Stutton. In the first book they get an accomp…

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  • Fearless32

    I know she told Zach she couldn't go on the run with him but then in the last chapter she's preparing to go on the run. Is it with Zach or by herself? All I know is the next book needs to come out!!!!!!

    Fearless32 09:30, July 25, 2010 (UTC)fearless32

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  • Soccerchik007

    So I keep seeing on different reviews on amazon and other websites that OGSY says why The Circle of Caven wants Cammie. But I just read the book and I still dont know why they want Cammie. Any ideasideas :)

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  • Kiwi 1998


    April 8, 2010 by Kiwi 1998

    This place is sorta....dead. There's no one here, basically.

    -Kyra ღ

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