Anna Fetterman
Family and friends

Mother and Father

Physical DescriptionEdit

Anna has frail hands and is physically weak compared to the other students at Gallagher Academy. She weighs approximately 102 lbs. However, in following books, she becomes increasingly more like a spy.


On the first day of school, Anna is extremely terrified of having to take Covert Operations. But even SHE will surprise herself!

She is described as a frail person, when Cammie recalls a part she gave herself a bloody nose while opening a container of Pringles.

Spy StatusEdit

Anna is a student at Gallagher Academy enrolled in Mr. Solomon's Covert Operations class. At the Welcome Back dinner at the beginning of her sophomore year, Anna is terrified to be taking Covert Operations. On the first day of classes the elevator wouldn't let her into the sublevels of the school, and she was late for class. Anna becomes very helpful during their final when she got the disk that they needed. And despite the fact that she was terrified to take it in the beginning of the year, she signed up for fieldwork instead of lab or desk work.

After winter break, she is found in the classroom in CoveOps with Bex and Cammie, suprising many people. She continued to do so in a pratical test in CoveOps, being the only one with out a tailer. The tailer (Ha-ha!) was locked in a closet in the Washington Monument during their assignment in Washington D.C.


Anna is from Dayton, Ohio where her dad is an 8th grade Biology teacher. It is unknown if her mother is/was a spy.


Anna possibly has a boyfriend named Carl “Rockefeller.” This, however was only used as a excuse and is not confirmed to be true.

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